Unsung Lilly have been named as ‘the ones to watch’ in the new UK music scene. As a 5 piece band hailing from the UK, with two contrasting and talented lead vocalists, and a fabulous mix of pop, soul, and rock sounds, you may have heard the band compared to artistes like Paloma Faith,  a female fronted Maroon 5, and perhaps even a modern day Fleetwood Mac.

‘As a band we have tried to develop a very ‘real’ sound - so its very much about live performing and inspiring people with our music’- Frankie (Vocals/Piano)

The band have also gained a lot of followers via their online blog, which not only took their fans through each step right from the very beginning of its conception, but also talks about many of the issues that are featured in the lyrical content of their songs.

‘I am absolutely passionate about using music to do great things. Music can really affect the way people feel, so I want to use our songs to inspire people - whether its to empower and inspire our fans, raise awareness of certain world issues, or help connect with those who are finding it hard to ‘just be’ - Sera (Vocals)