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New welcome shot

A great big bear hug and a warm welcome is now being propelled your way, from all of us here at Unsung Lilly Head Quarters.

Now that you're here, you can relax because its all about the music, connecting with your new favourite band, and taking some time out for a bit of well earned 'you' time.

Unsung Lilly is a quirky new band from the UK, fronted by the stunning vocal talents of Sera & Frankie. 
With their mix of stylistic influences, and of course the contrasting female vocalists, the band have been rather aptly named as 'a modern day Fleetwood Mac'. With perhaps the musicality of old skool Maroon 5, similar voice qualities to Sia, Adele and Amy Winehouse, combined with the quirkiness of Paloma Faith and Tori Amos, this band is a gorgeous cocktail of musical ingredients - we think you'll agree that there's no-one quite like them!

We hope you enjoy the website - whether you want to indulge in the bands quirky home-made iPhone videos, get to know them better by delving into their self-penned blog-site, purchase all sorts of fun bits of merchandise which is now available to buy on our 'Lilly-shopping', check out the band on iTunes  - a little time spent here with us will hopefully leave you with a beaming smile on your face, and we hope we can all be forever-friends :)

Please do check out the brand new Lilly-shop which features CDs, Posters, Wristbands and Posters! Click here


Unsung Lilly HQ

P.S Dont forget to share Unsung Lilly with your friends on Facebook & Twitter! The more you help promote the band, the more lovely music they can make!